Gladiatus - Novedades

Sangre, polvo y renombre
Sangre, polvo y renombre
¡Sangre y batalla! Un mundo en el que los guerreros más valientes saldrán de las catacumbas y lucharán a la luz del sol para decidir su destino. No sólo honor y victoria te esperan en el polvo de la arena, sino también historias gloriosas en un fascinante mundo de la antigüedad. Levanta tu espada...

Gladiatus - Novedades

Currently working on...


Ave Gladiators!


It has been a bit quiet around Gladiatus, but we haven’t been resting!


Of course we were (and still are) steadily working on the version 1.5.0.

It might need another while until we can update the servers with this version, but we want to give you some insights on what we are currently working on.


Included in v1.5.0:

-          Improved fight script

-          New dungeons

-          A completely new (and still secret) feature

-          A new possibility for arena fights

-          Improved task generating



- This list is not very detailed yet, but what I can say is that we were reading quite a lot of helpful feedback in the forums. Thanks for that! As a result, we are e.g. working on the fighting script. A lot of reports were made about fights that didn’t result as expected, but moreover, seemed random. We hope to have found a solution that will satisfy all of you.


- Of course we also included dungeons in this update. You will encounter two new difficulty levels for existing dungeons, and with this, two other dungeons will also be moved and re-balanced. Additionally the chance to drop orange items will also be added for dungeons. More details to come.


- The completely new (and quite big) feature is still top secret, but it looks promising and will demand some new strategies in your way of playing.


- You will also be offered a new possibility to attack players. What this could mean is up to your imagination, details are not given yet.


- Further on we are optimizing the tasks since there still seem to be some irregularities in certain level ranges.


This list should not be seen as a changelog, but more as an attempt to keep you up to date on our work. I hope you forgive the lack of details, I’m looking forward to present you more details soon!


All the best,

Your Gladiatus Team


P.S.: There is no date known yet for the update, we ask for your patience :)

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