Gladiatus - Novedades

Sangre, polvo y renombre
Sangre, polvo y renombre
¡Sangre y batalla! Un mundo en el que los guerreros más valientes saldrán de las catacumbas y lucharán a la luz del sol para decidir su destino. No sólo honor y victoria te esperan en el polvo de la arena, sino también historias gloriosas en un fascinante mundo de la antigüedad. Levanta tu espada...

Gladiatus - Novedades

Changelog v1.8.0 - Testserver


Ave Gladiators!


The public testserver ( was updated already with the version 1.8.0.

Here is the changelog, more details and explanations will follow before the version will go live in your communities:


Changelog v1.8.0:


  • A new area was added in the Pantheon, the treasury.
  • A completely new costume system was added.


  • The „Medals of Honor“ have been removed from the game since they are not compatible with the new costume system. All players that still have medals in their inventory or have one activated, will be refunded with the invested amount of gold or rubies.


  • You can open a „chest of divine fate“ in the treasury now and win a lot of special prizes. 
  • One „chest of divine providence“ per day can be achieved through fights in the different arenas (PvP), by investing rubies you can receive as much as you wish.
  • Chests contain special rewards, such as:

Magical bag: The activation grants an additional bag in your inventory. 

Mobilisation: The activation grants 3 expedition points. 

Gate key: The activation grants 3 dungeon points.



  A short description on how the costumes work:

  • Every costume has a certain amount of parts to collect.
  • The parts can be found on expeditions, in dungeons and in the „chest of divine providence“.
  • Every costume offers certain bonuses, depending on the amount of parts collected.
  • You can have 2 costumes activated at the same time (Standard fight and dungeon fight)
  • In this way you can combine bonuses of different costumes. Identical bonuses add up. 
  • The equipped costume is shown in the profile and battle reports.

New costume: Vulcanus‘ Fire of the Blacksmith*

  • 1 Part: Reduces the waiting time for new goods at the merchants by 25%.
  • 3 Parts: Extends the duration of packages by 2 days.
  • 5 Parts: Reduces the Circus Turma cooldown by 20%.

New costume: Feronia‘s Shield of Earth*

  • 1 Part: Raises the HP regeneration by 100%.
  • 3 Parts: Shortens the cooldown for the first blessing of Gods by 6 hours.
  • 5 Parts: Saves 40% of your gold.

New costume: Neptune‘s Power of the Seas*

  • 1 Part: Shortens the cooldown for the second blessing of Gods by 12 hours.
  • 3 Parts: Extends the duration of holy oils by 12 hours.
  • 5 Parts: Lowers the training costs by 3%.

New costume: Aeolus‘ Freedom of the Winds*

  • 1 Part: No travelling costs!
  • 3 Parts: Adds a 2 favour points per day for each god when picking up the daily bonus!
  • 5 Parts: Reduces the dungeon cooldown by 20%.

New costume: Pluto‘s Deadly Breath*

  • 1 Part: Reduces the Circus Turma cooldown by 10%.
  • 3 Parts: Raises the amount of favour points given for Arena and Circus Turma tasks. The costume needs to be equipped when picking up the rewards.
  • 5 Parts: Reduces the Arena cooldown by 20%.

New costume: Juno‘s Breath of Life*

  • 1 Part: Raises the intelligence bonus on food / healing items by 50%.
  • 3 Parts: Raises the health regeneration (through level and constitution) by 200%.
  • 5 Parts: Reduces the expedition cooldown by 20%.

(*titles of costumes might vary in the final version)



  • The display of building and area names on the city and country map was slightly adapted.

Arena / CT

  • In the Circus Turma, the behaviour of mercenaries which are set to „direct attention to oneself“ is more defensive now. A mercenary set to „direct attention to oneself“ refuses to attack if 2 other mercenaries (with higher presence) already direct the attention to themselves. 


  • New currencies were added for many Premium features. As alternative to the payment with rubies, you can also use these specific new currencies. 
  • These currencies can be bought in the new shop in the „Premium“ section, or can be found in the „chest of divine fate“.
  • The 100% healing potion that is given with the activation / extension of the Centurio will no longer be delivered via packages. From now on they are credited directly to your account and can be activated in the new „inventory“ in the premium section. All 100% healing potions that are still in your inventory or packages, will be converted into this new premium item. 

During update process

  • „Medals of honor“ will be removed and invested gold / rubies refunded (gold sent as package / rubies are directly credited to the ruby count).
  • 100% healing potions are converted into the new premium item.


All the best,

Your Gladiatus Team

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